Doctrinal Distinctives

Emmaus Church faith is serious faith.

We’re serious about faith in Christ making a difference in our lives.

  • We’re serious about Bible knowledge shaping our thinking.
  • We’re serious about family and growing the next generation of Christ-followers.
  • We’re serious about marriage being one man and one woman for life.
  • We’re serious about missions—sending, giving, and involvement.
  • We’re serious about giving generously to God to support His church and His work.
  • We’re serious about our joy and progress of faith (Philippians 1:25 in the Bible).

We’re an evangelical church with a Mennonite heritage.
We believe in the Bible as God’s Word and salvation by faith in Christ.
We’re a family oriented church in a farm-based community.
Every Sunday feels like a family reunion.
We’re a conservative and joyful church in theology, lifestyle, worship and ministry.

We have a beautiful building and an active ministry, but the most important thing is the people—
Bible-saturated, spiritually-minded, family-oriented, joyful people.

If that appeals to you, we’d love to meet you any Sunday at 10:30 AM.

*For Doctrinal Statement, click here

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